Fallout Shelter now available on Steam, free

fallout shelterGreat news this week for Fallout and Steam users as Fallout Shelter is now available on the uber popular service. Fallout Shelter launched in 2015 during the reveal event of Fallout 4, available on iOS and followed up with an Android release.

The game since released on Xbox One and with it, I had my first taste of it and dip in almost daily to check on my vault dwellers. It’s a free to play game that sees you acting as Overseer to a vault. With bottle caps, the Fallout universe’s currency, you can buy power plants, water treatment plants, living quarters and canteens to house and maintain your vault. As you progress, more vault dwellers can visit your vault and join the community, while dangerous hazards can arise such as radroach infestations, fires and more.

Once you set up a control room, you can begin sending your armed, armoured inhabitants out on quests, whether weekly, daily or general, to achieve tasks and acquire more caps and loot. Develop better armour and weapons, and craft their S.P.E.C.I.A.L abilities using specific rooms, making them better at running the vault.

fallout shelter

It’s addictive gameplay, and while a mobile game at heart, it’s something that keeps me invested on a daily basis for a few minutes at a time, and I adore it. You can of course invest money on more unlocks such as Lunch Boxes which offer random loot to help further your vault, but it’s not necessary. Complete a multitude of tasks to acquire more goodies, and with every completed task, a new one pops up.

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