Fallout Shelter makes $5.1 million in revenue

fallout shelterAt the beginning of E3, Bethesda held their first ever E3 press conference, and we were all tuned in to see Fallout 4. Little did we know at the time, that Fallout Shelter was going to be revealed, and during the show, the iOS game went live for everyone to download and play. Already, a month later, it has generated $5.1 million in revenue, and yes, it’s a free-to-play game!

The figures were tracked by SuperData, a media tracking organization, who revealed that $5.1 million in revenue has been acquired through the game’s in-app purchases, which are entirely optional as free-to-play games go. Fallout Shelter allows players to buy lunch boxes which contain an assortment of random items such as weapons and upgrades.  Here’s a breakdown of the Fallout Shelter in-app purchases.

  • fallout shelter lunchboxLunchbox – $0.99
  • Bundle of 5 Lunchboxes – $3.99
  • Bundle of 15 Lunchboxes – $9.99
  • Bundle of 40 Lunchboxes – $19.99

While Fallout Shelter didn’t do anything differently in the free-to-play mechanic, it goes to show that an established franchise like Fallout can exist in another form, and make a quick buck as long as the gameplay is solid. The game has yet to arrive on Android devices, but imagine this figure increasing twofold when it finally launches.

[Source: Destructoid]

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