Fallout Shelter celebrates Hallowe’en

fallout shelter halloweenAnnounced by Bethesda via Twitter, Fallout Shelter is receiving a special Hallowe’en themed update for the coming week, with your Vaults being kitted out with Hallowe’en decorations and costumes for your dwellers. A nice free update to make the most of the seasonal event. This update will be available as of today.

As well as that, Fallout Shelter has also received an update, version 1.2.1, which implements improvements to sudden Vault shutdown and Wasteland Dwellers who have trouble cooperating.

Users can also save their Vault to the cloud, giving them the ability to play on on any device, whenever you choose. Great for when playing during a commute, and then logging into your tablet when at home. A survival mode has also been added, to give you another way to play the game, and increase replayability.

Fallout Shelter can be enjoyed on iOS and Android devices, where the game has made quite a few millions from microtransactions.

[Source: Twitter]

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