Fallout 4’s Mysterious Stranger ringtones

mysterious stranger fallout 4“Who is he? Why does he help? Who cares! The Mysterious Stranger will appear occasionally in VATS to lend a hand, with deadly efficiency…” Those of you who are fans Fallout 4, or any of the previous games in the series, will be aware of the Mysterious Stranger. His appearances in the latest game are always at pivotal moments, and I couldn’t live without him. In Fallout 4, he appears alongside some awesome jingles, and now you can download them!

Major Nelson contacted his friends at Bethesda and they were kind enough to send the various stingers to him to share on his blog. You can find them at the Soundcloud link below. Just download them, add them to your phone, and look over your shoulder every time you hear the jingle. Awesome stuff!

[Source: Major Nelson on Soundcloud]

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