Fallout 4 Wasteland Workshop out tomorrow, trailer

wasteland workshop fallout 4Since Fallout 4’s release, fans have been left wanting for more DLC to add to their game. We’ve already received the Automatron expansion, and as of tomorrow, we will finally get our hands on the next piece of DLC, the Wasteland Workshop.

Unlike Automatron, it doesn’t look like Wasteland Workshop will include any kind of story element to the gameplay. Instead, it seems like a massive package of bits and pieces to further expand your settlement with. The trailer shows signs of capturing and taming the wasteland’s creatures and setting them upon each other in a sort of deathmatch, but there isn’t much in the way of an explanation that says how all of this is done.

We can see the addition of defense items such as spinning blades and spiked floor traps; stuff you should be able to put together yourself as long as you are skilled enough in the different trades. More lighting options are available too, to brighten the place up. If gardening is more your thing, there are extra features for that too.

fallout 4 wasteland workshop

The Wasteland Workshop is free as part of the Season Pass, which will later add the Far Harbor expansion in May, which is said to be Bethesda’s largest DLC expansion ever, offering a brand new location to explore outside of the game’s base sandbox. If you want to buy the Workshop add-on separately, it will cost you the equivalent of $5.

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