Fallout 4 Mod Creations Tools and Survival mode

Vault 111 fallout 4At E3 last year, Bethesda and Todd Howard announced that console versions of Fallout 4 will allow for mods. However, it’s been almost a full year since then and fans are still waiting. Finally we have an update on the Mod Creation suite, as well as a release date for the hardcore Survival Mode update!

“Mods and the players who create them have always been an important part of our games, going all the way back to Morrowind and The Elder Scrolls Construction Set. We believe that our games become something much more special, when we put the power of creation in your hands.”

The modding options menu will appear on the main menu of Fallout 4 and will allow you to browse uploaded mods that are supported in the game. Of course, graphical mods might not be available, or at least be too extensive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but who knows? You can view screenshots as well as read descriptions of each mod, and find something that suits your needs. Need a new gun or an interesting looking piece of armour? Someone is bound to have made it. Even better still, you can upload a mod yourself using the creation tools for the Fallout 4 community to enjoy!

The modding tools will arrive on consoles starting with Xbox One in May and then PlayStation 4 in June.

The Survival Mode has left beta on the PC and is now fully available for fans to enjoy. The console versions will receive an update some day next week, although a specific date has not been stated. This will add a tonne of new features to make your experience harder, but more realistic. Damage from carrying too many items, needing to sleep to save your game, no fast travel whatsoever, and a a few other things that you can read more on here.

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