Fallout 4 leaks. Fallout 4 leaks everywhere.

Fallout 4Fans, be warned. Some gamers have gotten their hands on copies of Fallout 4 early, and have started uploading screenshots and gameplay videos. Of course, our temptation levels are all high, but we advise you to avoid them as best you can. We will not post any leaked information or screenshots/footage.

Bethesda has commented on the leaked information, saying;

“Head’s up that we’re not allowing links/images/streams/videos to be shared in the forums prior to the release of the game. Folks that are currently sharing assets either have a copy they shouldn’t have or are breaking terms of our NDA with them.

fallout 4If you see something you think shouldn’t be posted, you’re welcome to PM me, but let’s wait to share this stuff until the game is actually out — posting leaked content will lead to warnings, suspensions, and possibly even a forum ban.”

November 10th is right around the corner — let’s keep the spoilers out until then.”

We’re not going to try encourage you to report any leaked footage or information, and it’s all there to be seen if you wish, but for the sake of another week, remain patient, and just look forward to playing the game in a spoiler-free experience.

[Source: mweb, Bethesda]

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