Fallout 4 Goes Gold; PC Disks Must Be Steam Downloaded

fallout 4Bethesda announced today via Twitter that the highly anticipated Fallout 4 is ready for release… All 27 versions of it.

By 27 versions, they don’t mean like how Ubisoft like to release 50 versions of the same game with different DLC for different regions/stores, but that all nine regional versions for each of the three platforms are ready for the launch of the game.

This means that Fallout 4 is well on it’s way to meeting its November 10th release date, when we will all finally get our grubby hands on it. That said, there’s still a lot more work to be done, as they will continue working for a day 1 patch to clean up any remaining issues. After release they will continue to support the game and work on DLC too.

Bad news however for PC users buying the disk. If you were hoping to get the game, and install from the disk that won’t be happening, as Pete Hines¬†revealed in a series of posts on Twitter that disk versions will only include a portion of the full data, with the rest needing to be downloaded on Steam. How much exactly? We’re not sure, but hopefully it won’t be too much.

“[Fallout 4 on PC] comes with a disc and a steam authentication key. If you don’t have a DVD drive, you can just use the [Steam] key,” he explained. “The game disc has actual install data … though you will still have to download from Steam. The disc doesn’t contain the entire game.”

While you may be questioning it, this has been the case with their PC titles for a while, with Hines saying piracy is partially the reason they do this.

“We’ve been doing it this way more or less for 10+ years. Seems to be doing ok. Lots of people bought Skyrim, Wolfenstein, etc … This isn’t new. We have been doing this for all our PC games for a while now.”

At least they let us know beforehand, rather than do a Konami and let buyers find out the hard way when the game releases… And yes, I’d take any opportunity to make a dig at Konami.

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