Fallout 4 checklist map helps you see everything

Vault 111 fallout 4Open world sandbox maps can be amazing to explore, or tedious. It depends on the game really, and with the likes of Fallout 4 or even and Elder Scrolls title, the maps are filled with loads of content worth seeing. Here, a user has made a fantastic checklist to help you see and do everything that Boston has to offer in Fallout 4.

Littered around the map of Boston are stories involving random people, which are always interesting to bump into. I recently came upon a burial taking place in a woods, and I put my gun away and stood next to the mourning group. I don’t know who died, but I paid my respects, virtually. Power armour is available in multiple places, as well as the Bobbleheads and magazines that grant you more stat boosts. You can download the desktop app from Github,

The Reddit user Krylosac spent 4 months making this, and says “The application lets you click areas on a google maps style map of the Commonwealth and view the collectable items for that area. It also includes a quest tracker that lets you view quests and their steps / rewards. This is a beta version so problems may occur.”

Here are some screenshots of the app.

fallout 4 checklist

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