Fallout 4 – Building a Home

fallout 4 buildingI only started playing Fallout 4 on Friday night, and within the game’s first hour, I had the opportunity to build a settlement. Feeling curious about the mechanics, and extremely overwhelmed, I wanted some help. I came across this video by PlayStation Access, and now I feel more competent.

Fallout 4 is a massive open world, and Bethesda have given us the power to create settlements or bases, used to store our possessions, recruit settlers, and build defenses to protect it. It all sounds awesome, until you get stuck in and find the first/third person building a but off-putting, and would much rather a top down option. Would that be patched in in time? Hopefully! So, how do you build a house?

The guys at PlayStation Access want to build a house, and one of the guys has five requirements:

  1. It must a house
  2. It must have a place to relax
  3. It must remind him of better times
  4. It must include a tactical element
  5. It must be two storeys

One of the aspects of Fallout 4 construction that must be noted, is the ability to scrap almost anything. Trees, mailboxes, street lamps, they can all be scrapped for parts. When you scrap an object, it gives you a list on screen of what ‘ingredients’ are taken from it. When building an item, it tells you what ‘ingredients’ you will need to construct said items and stuctures.

Electricity and water as well as defenses is also a must, which we can look at on another occasion. In the meantime, build a house or a base, and feel free to share an image or video recording of a walkthrough of your creation in the comments below or on our Facebook page. We’d love to see what you’ve come up with!


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