Fallout 4 available to pre-order on Xbox, Fallout 3 code to follow

fallout vault boyAs announced at E3, buying Fallout 4 on Xbox One will also grant you a free copy of Fallout 3, thanks to the backwards compatible ability coming to the Xbox One at the end of the year. Of course, preview members have access to the feature right now, but the library is very limited for the time being.

You can head over to the Xbox Store right now, and pre-order Fallout 4 which won’t be playable until its launch date of November 10th of course, but it has been confirmed that within 10 days of pre-ordering the game digitally, that you will receive a code for Fallout 3 as well. Unfortunately, we can’t confirm when Fallout 3 will go live, and I would hate to imagine that it would be available on the same day as Falfallout 4lout 4. Primarily because I can’t imagine anyone getting Fallout 4 on launch day, and settling in to play a seven year old game. Not that I oppose the idea of the free copy, in fact I think it’s a fantastic incentive, but it would be nice to have earlier access to it, in the run up to Fallout 4’s release!

That all depends on when Backwards Compatibility becomes available to the masses, as a placeholder of ‘Holiday 2015’ is all we know for certain. To put that Vault Boy smile back on our faces, Fallout 4 is out in FOUR MONTHS!!!

[Source: Xbox Store]

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