Facebook introduces new ‘reactions’ emojis

facebook like emojiFor years and years, the Like button on Facebook has become synonymous with the social media giant. Still, users have begged and have been teased by rumours of a dislike button to show their dislike for news, although avoidance is the best response. Last month, Facebook officially discussed the introduction of a dislike button, but have now introduced ‘Reactions’ in the form of emojis.

The Reactions are currently being tested here in Ireland and in Spain. Scrolling through our news feeds now looks a lot more colourful, with the various emotions, thumbs and love hearts clogging up each post. You have access to varying emotions, whether that is the traditional thumbs up, a love heart, super smiley face, sad, angry, shocked or excited. Hover over the Like button which you’ve grown accustomed to, and the list of optional emojis pops up, ready for you to pick and choose your emotional reaction to the article or publication.

facebook emoji reactions“But this is a video games news website, who cares about Facebook emojis?” Well, that’s a fair question, but look at it this way – We post all our news to Facebook (and Twitter), and it won’t be long before we start seeing more emotions in response to certain gaming stories. Instead of ‘not-liking’ a news story about a game you despise, you can now actively show anger or sadness towards it.

This week, a report showed that Black Ops 3 is more anticipated than Fallout 4. Which emoji would you choose from the above list? Whether developers and publishers start taking note of Facebook emojis is unknown, but for smaller developers who don’t have the budgets to perform costly and time consuming market research, maybe a large number of negative emojis or hearts could help them alter their decisions in game design? Just a thought!

facebook reactions emojiAnd there you have it. When these emojis start making their way to your region, expect to see countless tears, smiles, laughs, hearts and angered faces on all the pages that you follow. It looks like it may be here to stay, so you may as well learn to accept them!

[Source: Breakingnews.ie]

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