Face Scanning should feature in more games

face scanningFor whatever reason this morning, face scanning popped into my head, and it brought back a good few memories of playing through Fight Night 4 and Champion, as well as the classic Rainbow Six Vegas titles. Some games still allow you to do it, particularly sports titles, but should the feature be more prominent?

Back in the Fight Night days, you could use a PlayStation or Xbox Vision camera to take a front and side picture of your head, spend 15 minutes waiting for it to process, and then another 5 minutes wondering if the lighting was wrong, if your left eye was slightly closed, or if that was a bit of a shine off your nose or snot. Good times.

It made sense in a fighting game like boxing, and it made it more immersive as you yourself rose through the ranks and fought for the championship title. The only other issue however, was that the game featured a male-only roster. Female players couldn’t take advantage of the feature, leaving them out. Well they could, but their torsos would be rather masculine, and nude.

ea game face scanning

EA’s Game Face app lets you do it through your phone, but is only compatible with titles such as FIFA and UFC, which has taken over boxing in popularity. Other titles that currently let you take advantage of such a feature are 2K’s WWE titles and NBA 2K series. Both involve using mobile apps which I’m sure nobody opposes. How often do you try create a character to look like you, cycling through various eye shapes, eyebrows, chin configurations and facial hair. Don’t you hate it when they don’t have your facial hair?!

Thankfully, WWE 2K titles allow for female character creation, as did Rainbow Six Vegas, and boy was it fun shooting your friend in the face…I mean, working together as an elite unit of anti-terrorism specialists…cough.

While you could argue that we play games to escape our own every day lives with escapism fantasies, who’s to say that we don’t want to be the hero ourselves? Games likes Mass Effect and The Elder Scrolls give you customization options to create a character to suit your liking, whether similar to your own appearance, or a character of your imagination.

Games like The Witcher and The Legend of Zelda see us following the stories of set characters which is also fine, but what if I want Geralt to look like me? An option would at least be nice, without having to use mods if that’s even a possibility.

Sure, some people would of course take advantage of the service, which has happened in the past. “Sir, your face looks like a giant penis.” Obviously some form of censoring or server-side verification is necessary but for those who play by the rules, it could be a fun venture for multiplayer, or single player gaming experiences.

It’s just a thought, but what game would you like to see giving you a face scanning option to upload your face to it, to play as yourself?

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