F-Zero left Wanting by Most Wanted

Captain FalconIt was recently revealed that back in 2011 Nintendo had been considering a new entry in the F-Zero franchise. In recent years F-Zero has been one of the games most wanted by Nintendo fans but in a cruel twist of fate it has been left in limbo after Burnout developers, Criterion, turned it down in favour of Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

According to Nintendo Life, Nintendo of Europe approached Criterion 18 months before the release of the Wii U with the intention of revitalising the series. They had hoped that the studio would create a vertical slice for a Wii U entry into the franchise that would be ready on time for E3 2011. It needed to be completed quickly but unfortunately for F-Zero fans Criterion were already hard at work on Need for Speed: Most Wanted for multiple platforms and simply did not have the time necessary to dedicate to the project.

Since then F-Zero has disappeared from the main stage once again but did see an inclusion in the launch title, Nintendo Land. F-ZeroCaptain Falcon’s Twister Race appeared in the mini game collection as a single player attraction where players use the GamePad to guide a high speed wind-up vehicle through a course, not exactly the full experience Falcon’s fans would have been hoping for. More recently the game also made a guest appearance in Mario Kart 8 when the first DLC pack included the famous Blue Falcon as a drivable cart as well a superbly recreated track from the SNES F-Zero game.

The last F-Zero title was F-Zero: Climax on the Game Boy Advance which launched exclusively in Japan in 2004. The last game released in Europe/North America was F-Zero: GP Legend, also released for Game Boy Advance in 2004. While this revelation won’t be much consolation to fans who have been waiting over a decade for a new game it does raise some questions as to whether we will eventually be seeing a revival of the series as Nintendo have clearly shown interest in the possibility.

Source: Nintendo Life

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