What to expect from Red Dead Online…again

red dead onlineThis year, or perhaps delayed into 2018, Rockstar Games will release Red Dead Redemption 2. We have already been graced by a teaser trailer on the same day we got our first glimpse of the Nintendo Switch. You can guess which one garnered more attention. However, as statistics show, Rockstar’s last release, Grand Theft Auto V became more popular due to its GTA Online counterpart, so it would be silly to think otherwise about a wild west version to come too.

In fact, it was 2010’s release of Red Dead Redemption that started the whole ‘Online’ thing, the pre-cursor to GTA Online. Sure, GTA IV had an online mode but it wasn’t as fleshed out with missions like Red Dead, and surely not GTA Online. In fact, watching the trailer below for Red Dead Online, you can see how many of these modes made their way into GTA Online, just swapping cars and helicopters for horses and carts.

But considering the amount of content now available in GTA Online, it will be difficult for Rockstar to just reskin a lot of it, based on the difference between the two games’ settings. For one, you most likely won’t be running an MC gang, but that’s easily interchangeable with outlaw gangs on horses. CEO offices? Unlikely. Manufacturing cocaine, counterfeit money, forged documents to sell on the black market? Probably not, in the wild west.

Heists however? This is where it could be great fun! Sure, you won’t get VTOL jets, Night-Vision goggles and parachute jump finales, but the idea of a wild west jail break, hijacking a train, taking over a town, a bank robbery followed by an adrenaline rushing race across the open plains, it’s all potentially awesome!

I’m a firm believer in GTA Online and play it very regularly. I have never once bought a Shark card and have no desire to. I enjoy the grind, the huge amount of gameplay options, as well as the character customization and the ability to make and share custom made races and events. While Rockstar may be limited as to how to add new features, I’m sure they will find a way.

Considering Red Dead is all about shoot outs and horse back riding, weapons may be limited, as would the variety of horses. In GTA Online, Rockstar continue to add new cars and bikes, planes and boats. Houses, offices, businesses, yachts. Could we start a business as a blacksmith or butcher? Could we collect animal pelts and skins to trade off online for better gear? Will we have a huge amount of hats and denim jeans to invest in? Are wagons and carriages going to be the new sought after ‘cars’? Will some of the content be silly and out of context for the sake of encouraging the sale of whatever virtual currency that will likely appear in Red Dead Online?

It’s a long way off still, but you should without doubt expect another online portion to Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s blatantly obvious that it’s coming, either with or without single player DLC, or more Undead Nightmare stuff. GTA Online is still amazing, and I’m sure RD Online will be just as great in time.

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