Evolve going Free-to-Play on PC

evolve box artTurtle Rock Studios have announced that they are taking Evolve in the direction that a lot of the fans have suggested since the beginning. They are making Evolve free on PC. No buy-in or box required. This change will come in time, but the studio wants to rekindle the excitement that fans had before the game’s terrible launch fiasco.

Evolve launched in February 2015 to a ‘shitshorm of DLC’ which “hit full force and washed away people’s enthusiasm, dragging us further and further from that first magical pick-up-and-play experience,” as Turtle Rock kindly described it.

Excitement for the game prior to its release, at game conferences and gaming conventions was through the roof, with fans loving the idea of one player being an ever-developing monster, being hunted down by four other hunter-players.

Turtle Rock have detailed on their blog how this change will take place, and what it will mean for those who bought the game with money, and who paid for the season pass.

Making Evolve free on PC is going to be a process that takes time and a lot of hard work, but we believe in Evolve and we believe in you, our players and want to do what’s best for both!

Here’s how it’s going to work: We’re going to make Evolve free on PC as a Beta starting on July 7. This is going to allow us to hit our new server infrastructure really hard and we need your help testing. Stuff could break, and that’s our hope, because that will give us time to improve things as we go. We’ll parse out major Beta revisions, updates and features over a period of weeks and months — a plan we’re going to continually communicate here. This allows us to test new features and major changes to make our game more accessible and ever closer to the joy we saw when we first showed our baby to the world. Just as importantly, this Beta plan gives us the flexibility and time we need to keep fixing bugs and making Evolve more stable.

“What about those who paid for Evolve? What about Season Passers?”

Anyone who owns classic Evolve will be given “Founder” status in the new free version, and all the content you already own comes with you to the new version. As long as we work on Evolve, we will show our appreciation for our committed fans and early adopters with gifts, rewards, and special access. Why? Because you believed like we did, and we will never forget that.

As part of our promise to recapture the magic and improve the Evolve experience across-the-board, we’re going to ratchet up our communication with the community. We will be continually updating our social channels, our forums and our website to let you know how it’s going.

evolve artwork

It’s an exciting and interesting change for Evolve, although this delay in the studio’s changes following over a year of being on the market is a bit odd. The number of active, online players dwindled across PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, so why didn’t this happen sooner? Speaking of which, will the console versions become free-to-play in the future too? If so, when?

[Source: Turtle Rock Studios]

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