EVO kicks off, charging $12 for 60fps streaming

evoThe annual EVO championships have kicked off this week, seeing the greatest fighting game players take to the stage to fight for the championship in their respective titles, whether Street Fighter, Smash Bros, Persona 4, Guilty Gear, Mortal Kombat X, Killer Instinct and more. Unfortunately, this year EVO are only streaming the games in 30 frames per second, unless you pay a premium for 60 frames.

The cost is $12, and allows you access to multiple streams, streaming the games in the frame rate displayed by the games, so watching it in 30 frames might look a bit different if you play the games at home. It’s a costly venture, and unless you’re a hardcore fan of EVO and watching professional gamers fighting incredibly well, it’s going to be hard to cough up that money.

Destructoid, who picked up the story report that “It is to be noted that the money from subscriptions go to an EVO Scholarship Fund, a community funded initiative that gives fighting game players and fans the opportunity to send someone to college who otherwise couldn’t go.” That’s all well and good, but the individual wanting to watch EVO as it unfolds doesn’t really want to look at it in that way, do they?

I love watching Street Fighter so I might just sit back with some coffee today and watch the show myself, even if it’s in 30 frames. Below, you can see some of the greatest moments from last year’s event. Here, you can see the timetable for the individual games.

[Source: Evo, Destructoid]

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