Evil Geniuses walk away winners from the DotA 2 International with $6.6 million

dota 2Evil Geniuses have won the fifth annual DotA 2 International Championships and walk away with a cool $6.6 million out of the total prize pool of $18. The U.S. based team triumphed over the Chinese, CDEC in the best of five grand finals to take home the victory at Seattle’s crowded Key Arena and become the first team from the U.S. to win the International.

The event lasted a week and pitted 16 teams against each other. The International has broken its own record for being having the largest overall prize-pool this year with $7 million extra being up for grabs over the previous year’s prize-pool of $11 million.

CDEC won the Upper Bracket after knocking EG down to the Lower Bracket, where EG won its finals series against LGD Gaming 2-0, securing its place in the TI5 Grand Finals. The Evil Geniuses team goes by the names ppd, Suma1L, UNiVeRsE, Fear and Aui_2000.

The runners up shouldn’t be too disappointed though, as they nabbed a $2.8 million prize. The International’s enormous prize-pool has grown steadily over the years. The event itself is sponsored by Valve, the developer of Dota 2 who give 25 percent of the profits from all purchases related to the game to the prize pool for The International.

Other news that came from the International was the new 12v12 custom game mode that has been introduced to the game which they showcased with a 10v10 All Stars match that can be viewed below.

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