ESRB listing hints towards XCOM Vita release

XCOMA recent ESRB listing refers to “XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus” for the PlayStation Vita. The rating summary is identical to that of the original PC, PS3, and X360 version but clearly lists this an XCOM Vita release. XCOM has already translated well to portable platforms with a mobile release so a Vita release would seem like a sensible and achievable next step.

The Vita had previously proven itself to be an ideal platform for certain genres and if its popularity with turn based RPGs is anything to go by then it should also prove a good platform for this sort of turn based strategy. Since it launched back in October 2012 the game developed quite a following off the back of solid reviews and even more solid brand name. Firaxis and 2K picked up a series that had previously been handled by MicroProse and Hasbro Interactive and helped return it to its former glory. While a Capturedecade had passed since the world had last seen an XCOM (XCOM: Enforcer, 2001) the name bore weight and the game performed well enough to see it get subsequent releases on MAC, iOS and Android as well as an expansion in 2013, XCOM: Enemy Within.

It’s perhaps a little surprising that a Vita version has not already been released but this will certainly prove a welcome edition to the platform’s library, especially with fans currently waiting on new of the upcoming sequel, XCOM 2 (actually the ninth entry in the series) which recently received a three month release delay.


Source: ESRB

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