Epic Announce Paragon for 2016

Paragon LogoEpic Games haven’t been seen much over the last few years outside Unreal Tournament, as the majority of their energy goes towards the Unreal Engine, which continues to be exceptionally popular among triple-a and indie devs, as well as students.

While for the most-part, they are a software company, they haven’t forgotten their roots in Games Development and today announced a new game in the works called Paragon!

Not much is known about this new title, but we do know that it contains various “Heroes” which will be revealed from now until December 3rd, so look forward to that. Going by that, we assume the game is a form of MOBA, or has elements of that. Maybe something similar to Dirty Bomb?

Epic have revealed one of the playable heroes called Twinblast, who looked up to Venom Snake very much and got himself not one, but two of those red bionic arms them kids are on about all the time. Paired with those arms are also matching pistols, which look bloody massive.

As said, other heroes will be revealed in the near future, including Steal, Sparrow, Dekker and Grux… Why don’t any of these characters ever have normal names? Like Mike… Remember Mike? I hope he’s doing well…

Anyway, Paragon is PC only and will release sometime in 2016. If it is a shooter then there is a possibility of seeing it on consoles too, but I wouldn’t hold my breath as Epic Games seem largely focused on developing for PC when they do, as with Unreal Tournament.

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