An entrance found for DZ08 in The Division?

the Division Dark ZoneIt’s been over a month since The Division released, being Ubisoft’s biggest launch title to date and their biggest new IP to date. In that time, players have experienced most of what it has to offer, and seen stuff they shouldn’t really be seeing just yet, by finding ways out of the map. One player seems to have found a hint to suggest more Dark Zone areas are on the way.

From what we’ve witnessed in The Division videos published to Youtube and other video sites, there is a lot of New York that hasn’t been utilized in the game’s map. Of course, Ubisoft probably have planned expansions for these bits, which have yet to be fleshed out in full. That doesn’t mean that the core locations aren’t there already, which we have certainly seen.

One user took a bit of a Sunday stroll through these empty spaces and came across an entrance to the Dark Zone which of course isn’t active yet. We know that the Dark Zone climaxes at DZ06, but who is to say that it won’t expand with a future update? By the time players unlock the highest of high-end gear, DZ06 will no longer feel like such a challenge, and will crave something more with the hope of finding even stronger firearms and better gear.

dz08 entrance the divisionIn the image below, the user by the name of CodeDux claims that he “could also enter DarkZone area from out of bounds + Shoot through fences at lvl32 mobs in DZ06 (when I noticed I quickly ran away to “now leaving darkzone message”, don’t want to abuse the system).”

Perhaps new missions will become available in the Dark Zone in future updates, namely the second one, which will incorporate the Dark Zone into the game even more so. With players scrambling to collect necessary mission items while other players try to take them off their hands. If the DZ is expanded for this, it would be great!dz out of bounds the division

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