Employee error leaves UK retailer GAME gift cards out of stock

GAMEPoor old GAME, they really aren’t having much luck lately. The latest media attention isn’t much better either, as reports have come in that the popular United Kingdom retailer now has a shortage of Gift Cards following a recent blunder by a Store Manager of one of their Scotland branches whereby he accidentally ordered the companies entire supply.You may not think this is much of a problem, and it isn’t really it’s just a pretty funny story. It does however mean that as it stands at the moment, customers are unable to put credit onto gift cards. So if you’re planning on trading in a game in the next week, make sure you don’t go over the value of the product that you want to trade it in for, as you’ll find yourself losing out on the deal.

It also means that customers are currently unable to pay off their pre-orders, as GAME insist that the only way to do this is to pay the “pre-order fee” and then put the outstanding balance on one of their gift cards.GAME

Frankly I find it amazing that GAME don’t have safe guards in place to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen, I’ve worked in retail for almost four years now and have yet to see a similar issues thanks to the procedures that protect stores from making these kind of mistakes. Upon placing an order, the stock that’s been ordered then has to be sent, if your order seems grossly over the top, then distribution will contact you to ensure that this hasn’t been a mistake. So honestly I believe it would be unfair to hold the Store Manager to account over the blunder, if they’re stupid enough to send out the entire company’s stock of Gift Cards to a single store, then they probably deserve the negative attention from us… Right?


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