Elite: Dangerous Xbox One Release Date and More Revealed

Elite Dangerous CobraIn a Reddit AMA a few days ago, CEO of developers Frontier Developments David Braben revealed the release date and more for the Xbox One version of the space sim Elite: Dangerous.

The game, which was already part of the Xbox One Game Preview program announced back at E3, will be coming to the console on October 6th for a more than reasonable price at $30.

Commenter diddycarter pretty much had the entire AMA covered asking a total of 15 questions, and Braben answered them to the best of his ability, but kinda just puked them out into a confusing paragraph. Skunimatrix has us covered though and formatted the reply, so here are the other details to take away from it.

Anyone who participated in the preview will be rewarded in some form. While you won’t be keeping any ships and modules you had, you will receive the value back for those items, meaning you can splurge all at once for the full release, and maybe be that little bit smarter with your purchases. Any paint jobs you buy will be carried over however.

Braben is unsure yet whether or not the Xbox One will be getting any kind of Season Pass, but the expansion Horizons will be coming some time in the future. It is unlikely to be released alongside the PC version sometime this holiday, but I would expect it somewhere around early 2016.

Xbox One owners will get the chance to beta test new updates like the PC version. They are unsure if there will be any way to transfer accounts between platforms at this time though.

The developers are sorting out a way to deal with combat loggers too (when someone logs out of the game in the middle of combat), saying that there will be harsher punishment to deter anyone from doing it.

Of course, the most need to know thing to take away from this AMA is that Brabens favourite kind of tea is Chinese Green Tea. Now you know what to serve when he calls to your house for a cup.

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