Elite Dangerous player has first encounter with aliens

aliens elite dangerousElite Dangerous, a gorgeous, time-sink of a space simulator known for its beauty, involving gameplay, and grinding for credits to buy bigger ships now has its fan base hyped to warp 9, following what looks like the first alien encounter since the game’s release.

Elite Dangerous is a series that started out in 1984 on the BBC Micro, Apple 2, even the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The series featured a race of aliens known as the Thargoids. Last year, following the release of the Horizons expansion which allowed for planetary exploration via a rover, players began locating crashed alien vessels. Two were reported, but there could easily be more. There were also barnacles found on some planets, giving the first hint of another species in the galaxy other than human. With a universe as big as the one found in Elite, other races were bound to exist, right?

The first sighting of Thargoids happened in Elite: First Encounters in 1995. Below, you can see what the first alien vessel looked like. Not much to look at, is it? Then again, back in the 90s, seeing this for the first time would have been exciting and scary.

thargoids elite

Yesterday, Xbox One Elite player DP Sayre made the discovery, when he was pulled out of his frame-shift jump between ARIES DARK REGION XU-O B6-3 and PLEIADES SECTOR OI-T C3-8. Having put a good few hours into Elite Dangerous already, watching this hyper jump go amazingly wrong is absolutely stunning and jaw dropping.

Another Elite player by the name of Scott Manley tried to replicate what happened, and managed to pull it off himself. You can see his reaction below, as well as a discussion on all previous Thargoid discoveries such as the barnacles and crashed vessels. Exciting stuff!

The Thargoids are said to be a vicious, aggressive race, but from what we have seen thus far, the encounters have been rather peaceful, if that’s what you want to call it. How long before a tough cookie tries to fire off a few shots and turn it into something more than just an investigation?

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