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elite dangerous horizonsElite Dangerous Horizons, the expansion for the space adventure sim is coming to Xbox One finally. It has been dated for June 3rd, and with it, the ability to land on and explore planets and moons.

Elite Dangerous: Horizons for Xbox One will be available as an upgrade to Elite Dangerous for £19.99/$29.99/€24.99. Similarly to the PC version, it will also be packaged with Elite Dangerous as part of the Xbox One Commander Deluxe edition for £39.99/$59.99/€49.99.

“Planetary Landings will allow you to touch down on planet surfaces, explore beautiful and vast landscapes in your surface recon vehicle and assault enemy fortifications. The Engineers (coming to Xbox One on June 3rd) opens up a dense loot and crafting mechanic, allowing you to create unique and powerful modules for your ship, and add experimental effects to your weapons.”

Along with the arrival of the Horizons update on June 3rd on Xbox, there will also be a general patch update, known as 1.6. Update 1.6 “delivers significant changes to the core gameplay experience for all players, headlined by a completely re-vamped mission system and having its own vast number of additions and changes, and it will go into closed Beta and be released at the same time as The Engineers.”

The details of what this adds is immense, and can be seen below:


– Missions
– New mission board added
– Mission board contacts added
– Contacts have their appearance deterministically generated to reflect various key factors
– Mission givers have a welcome message that reflects the state of the minor faction, their tone and relationship with player
– Display minor faction recovering and pending states
– Missions are now rated by rank, not gated by them
– Reason for mission generation now added as needed
– USSs for missions now positioned in specific locations as appropriate
– Difficulty of missions is factored into reputation requirements (as well as rank)
– Added additional scenarios for missions
– Mission UI now supports showing specific mission ranks (combat/trade/exploration)
– Reward balance pass for missions
– Commodities can be awarded from missions
– Loot items can be awarded from missions
– Special treasure locations can be awarded by completing missions
– Reveal the location of a mission USS when the body is discovery-scanned (or you scan the nav beacon)
– Mission contacts remember if they have encountered you before
– Updated scenarios for missions
– Added new planetary mission types
– Added new scan mission types
– Outfitting UI redux
– Updated hangar cameras to fit new outfitting UI
– Some locations can have unique vouchers from scanning for larger rewards that can’t be ‘scummed’
– Added huge beam laser
– Added huge pulse laser
– Added huge multi-cannon
– Added large multi-cannon
– Added enhanced performance size 2 and 3 drive modules
– Added VFX scaling for weapon size and damage
– Added huge gimball mount
– Bookmarks: adding bookmark feature to galaxy map and system map. Player is now able to save specific locations (systems, star, planet, stations, surface settlement)
– Added collapsing sections to options screen
– Community goal markers added to galaxy map
– Minor faction state filters added to galaxy map
– Mining scenarios can now spawn in icy rings
– New mining commodities added
– Add traffic density system for generating USSs
– Shipping lanes are created between the primary star, stations, and planets with settlements. Shipping lanes that are too similar to others, or too short, are removed
– Traffic density is calculated based on shipping lane, station and settled planet proximity. This traffic density value alters the probability of USSs
– If you scan a body that has a mission POI on it, the POI will be revealed. The scan can come from the discovery scanner, or from scanning a nav beacon
– Changed data scans to be unique per location, so they cannot be continuously rescanned
– Unlinked minor faction reputation from their parent major faction reputation, now you will be neutral with an Empire minor faction even if you are allied with the Empire major faction
– Added the ability to scan a nav beacon to get the system exploration data for that system
– Added a ‘cordial’ minor faction reputation level
– Allow cargo to be transferred to a newly bought ship, if it has adequate cargo space
– Add Chopper’s Orbital to Phiince system
– Updated translations
– Added named planets from Charity stream
– Added new player group minor faction descriptions
– Player inbox will hold a message until it has been deleted, or 30 days old
– Added Bluford Orbital to LHS 3447
– Canonn Research space science outpost added to COL 285 SECTOR IX-T D3-
– Overhaul & cleanup of how module penetration behaves, to allow multiple hits and various styles of AOE damage. All missiles now use external damage spheres
– Clock added to cockpit’s info panel
– Added missing backer station
– Added option to reduce camera shake

– Xbox One: Purchased outfitting content added
– Xbox One: Private group support added

Elite Dangerous Horizons

Update 2.1 is also on its way and will release on Thursday May 26th for all those who own the Elite Dangerous: Horizons season of expansions. Some of its details have already been detailed, and they look like this:


– Loot
– Added new commodities for loot/crafting (including ones from ice rings)
– Mining resources can now create materials
– Materials can be spawned inside signal sources
– Materials can be dropped from destroyed ships
– Materials can be dropped from destroyed skimmers
– Encoded data materials added
– Data materials can be scanned from scannable wreckage
– Materials inventory is now split into physical and virtual items
– Added scannable wreckage scenarios and POIs
– Added inbox messages when retrieving encoded loot from various objects
– Crafting
– Allow weapon damage values to modify visual affects
– Experimental effects can be generated on module modifications
– Engineers have module modifications of different types and grades available
– Resources can be used to craft module modifications
– NPC ships can use modified modules
– Engineers
– Added new landing pad types for Engineer bases
– Added new hangars for Engineer bases
– Added bases for each engineer
– Engineer contact history added to stats panel
– Engineer locations can be viewed in the galaxy map (if unlocked)
– Engineers each have their own unlock flow
– New surface material system – improves surface material detail and performance
– New surface salvage items
– Added new surface POIs
– Added NPC patrols near planetary ports and outposts
– NPC encounters can occur near planet surfaces
– NPCs can engage in combat near planet surfaces
– NPC ships can defend settlements and bases

The list of updates for Elite Dangerous is even more extensive, with game and bug fixes as well as stability issues. Check it out in full here.

[Source: Frontier]

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