Elite Dangerous to honour Carrie Fisher

carrie fisherFollowing the sad news this week of the passing of Star Wars star Carrie Fisher, Elite Dangerous’ executive producer has stated that a memorial will be added to the epic space faring simulator in its next update.

In the Frontier Developments forum, Michael Brookes, Executive Producer said “Sad news indeed – a ‘Fisher’s Rest’ outpost will be added to the game in the 2.3 release. Princess Leia in the Star Wars universe was an inspiration in its time, seeing such a dominant female role being played so well. Carrie Fisher also replayed the role of Leia in The Force Awakens, and supposedly had filmed all her scenes for Episode 8.

A similar memorial was put in place last year on Star Trek Online with the passing of Leonard Nimoy, known for his role of Spock in various iterations of Star Trek. It’s a nice touch, and one that fans of both Elite and Star Trek Online will appreciate and visit.

Elite Dangerous

Update 2.3 will release on Elite Dangerous soon enough, as it was due in ‘Fall 2016’. It will add the Multi-crew update, allowing multiplayer players to command a single ship.

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