Elite Dangerous: The Commanders (Update 2.3) Beta gets release date

Elite Dangerous: The CommandersElite Dangerous continues to keep itself in the news, this time Frontier have given a date that Commanders will gain access to the 2.3 Beta. Otherwise known as the Commanders update it will bring a host of new features to the game as the developer looks to build on what are already solid foundations. I’m pretty excited for this update and for good reason.

So what doe Elite Dangerous: The Commanders bring to the game? Well firstly we will be able to change our character’s appearance at last and although we won’t be able to get up and walk about for a while yet it will become apparent in a minute why we would want to change the look of our character. It looks like there’s a fair amount of options to tweak and fiddle with and it even appears as though you might be able to change the colour of your character’s suit.

Elite Dangerous: The Commanders

Along with the character customisation we will now see the NPC’s as proper characters. Presumably these will be procedurally generated given the number of them I would imagine the Engineers may well be more detailed and perhaps custom made by Frontier given that they are far fewer in number.

Now like I said earlier having the ability to get up and walk around is a fair way off into the future however Elite Dangerous: The Commanders update will add multi-crew. Multi-crew allows you to fly off into the cosmos with your friend beside you in the ship. now not all the ships will be compatible as some only have room for one however it will be great to look over and finally see some company there. Space is about to get a lot less lonely. Now in terms of gameplay it is believed that Commanders who team up will be able to control different functions. for example one can maintain control of the ship whilst the other plots a course or manages power distribution. Hopefully we might even see some sort of control over weapons whilst the other flies. You will also be able to take control of the fighters whilst your pal covers you.

Elite Dangerous: The Commanders

It’s unclear how this will all work because at the moment if you transfer your ships between stations you will have to wait for them to arrive, If you get dropped off at a station do you have to wait for your ship or will you have to be dropped off at a station where you have a ship? Now what happens if you want to team up with a friend a few hundred light years away? Will you have to travel and meet up or can you just join them at the click of a button? Time will tell.

Elite Dangerous: The Commanders

So the Elite Dangerous: The Commanders update 2.3 Beta will launch on Monday 20th February for the PC version only and will be available to Commanders with Horizons beta access. Frontier will be hosting a live stream showing off the features prior to launch so keep an eye out for that. Frontier then continue to make good progress with their updates and improve the game, it will certainly be interesting to see how this fits in with the gameplay. We’ll keep our eye on the game for any future updates as well as news on the PlayStation 4 release, and we plan to continue adding to our guide so until the next time…Fly safe Commander o7

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