Elite Dangerous 2.3 update detailed in livestream

elite dangerous 2.3Frontier Developments have a 10 year plan in place for Elite Dangerous, and after last year’s Horizon update and the Engineers update, the next content drop to come will be The Commanders, which will allow you to finally create an in-game avatar that you wish to represent you. The soon to be released update will also include a bunch of other new features.

The Commander Creation suite or ‘Holo-Me’ as it’s called in game due to lore, will let you choose male or female pilots, adjust their outfits, hair type, colour, facial features such as beards and stubble. I’m hoping that we can at least put on some glasses for those of us who wear them, just to properly represent ourselves. You can see the creator suit in action from around 8:35 in the video below, which is rather extensive too, and looks great!

Another new feature being added is Camera Suite, seen from the 41 minute mark of the same video. It looks like it will replace the ‘Classified’ camera we’re accustomed to, and will offer easier accessibility options, better camera angles and distances from your ship, and will actually let you fly your ship from an external view. However, you won’t have access to all of your panels but you will have access to face button features such as navigation and boosts, firing and hardpoint activation. No sign of FSD jumps or any mention of it. Imagine seeing that…

A new passenger ship has also been revealed at the tail end of the video, called the Dolphin. It looks as luxurious as the Beluga and will act in a similar fashion. And yes, it is shaped like a dolphin. Kinda.

Lastly, the guys touch on a new addition to the game which we’ll learn more about at a later date, and this is the Mega Ships. They are not flyable in-game, but can be interacted with. Some of them can be docked on, and in the universe of Elite Dangerous, they will be used for construction work on space ports and outposts. Maybe even to repair capital ships.

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