Elder Scrolls Online $1 million winner revealed

elder scrolls onlineBack in December, Zenimax were offering one lucky player on The Elder Scrolls Online a chance to win $1 million. All you had to do was log into the game and play it. It didn’t matter how long you played it for, it was a good way to encourage more people to pick up the game and give it a blast. That winner has now been chosen.

The winner of the MillionReasonsToPlay campaign was Ryan Rager, a 30 year old man in California. “Never in a million years,” he laughed when first informed of his lucky win. “No pun intended,” he quickly adds. “But I was playing every chance I could at the time and thought, Why not give it a go?

The blog states that he was late to the current console market, but picked up an Xbox One late last year. “I have always played on console,” he says. “I was late getting an Xbox One, waiting till last October to get one as a gift to myself.” The first game he bought? The Elder Scrolls Online.

“When I first started to play I was overwhelmed by how much there was to do,” he said. “There were several players in the community who took the time to help me find my way. Thanks to everyone who helps new gamers and shows them around.”

You can learn more about his victory and about his every day life on the blog post if you’re interested in the finer details. Well done Ryan!

[Source: ESO blog]

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