Eggcellent Easter goodies kick off Rocket League’s season 4

rocket league easterStarting with this Wednesday’s update, Rocket League players will have the chance to celebrate their spring enthusiasm for Easter with a few new drops popping up at the end of your matches. March 22nd brings a new game mode in the form of Dropshot, as well as the beginning of season 4 in the competitive scene.

The new items waiting to be found include an Easter Egg Antenna, Easter Basket Topper and of course, some bunny ears, as you can see from the image above. They will be available from Wednesday until April 17th so make sure you hop on in time, pun unintended, and find them.

With the start of season 4 in Rocket League, Psyonix are making a few changes to the ranking system, incorporating a new skill tier system to help differentiate the different skill levels. See the graph below for a look at the new system.

rocket league skill tree

There are a lot of changes to the matchmaking system as of tomorrow too, which is rather lengthy. However, you can head over here in a few minutes for further details on it.

In other news, the Neo Tokyo arena is being removed from the competitive and casual playlists. It will return to online play as a standard format arena in a future update. Psyonix “recognized that alternate format arenas are a controversial subject and did not make this decision lightly. The data we gathered since the Arena Preferences feature launched in December showed far less dislike for these arenas than one might expect from reading social media.”

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