eBay advert suggests retro consoles for Christmas

ebay retro gaming christmas advertChristmas is a time when families like to get together and bond over movies, games, food and a few beverages. Sometimes with gaming however, modern controllers or gameplay mechanics may be too much for aging gamers, and can lead to frustration. This new advert from eBay promotes this retro alternative, and it is rather heart-warming all the same.

In the video, a man and his son try to bond over an unnamed PlayStation game, and you can see the son teaching his father the controls. It all proves overly complex for the father, who we then see showing his son old classic arcade machines and games he used to love. With that in mind, the son receives a new PS4 for Christmas from his father, while the son gift wraps a classic NES console to give to his father in return. It’s all just lovely.

Retro gaming is a fantastic way to enjoy games of yesteryear, and indulge in old favourites that inspired many of the titles that we play today. Sure, emulators and modern ports exist, allowing us to play old classics on newer platforms, but there’s nothing like picking up a NES, SNES, Genesis/Megadrive controller and playing the games as they were intended to be played. Why not add a retro console to your collection this holiday?

[Source: Youtube]

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