EB Games confirm Final Fantasy VII for Xbox One

final fantasy viiEB Games in Australia have all but confirmed the existence of Final Fantasy VII’s remake on the Xbox One. According to their website, the game has a placeholder listing priced at Aus$109.95 with a 2016 release, and confirm that the PlayStation 4 will have early access to it.

When the game was revealed at E3 during the Sony press conference, many questions were raised regarding the platform, with the video ending with the words ‘First on PlayStation’, implying it would certainly appear elsewhere. It would make sense to appear on PC, but why not on the Xbox One as well.

final fantasy vii eb games

Further to the posting on the website, fans on the Facebook page for EB Games questioned the placeholder, and EB Games confirmed again that Final Fantasy VII was certainly coming to the Xbox One, as you can see from the image here.

final fantasy vii eb games confirmation

It goes without saying that you can pre-order the game now via EB Games, but we’re not sure how long it will be before other outlets start promoting the game for the Xbox One. Amazon still only display a PlayStation 4 version at this moment in time.

[Source:  EB Games, Fanboys of Gaming]

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