Earth Defense Force 5 TGS trailer

earth defense force 5Starship Troopers, eat your heart out. When a game sees you running into a massive world with insane weapons and abilities, against an army of building-sized bugs that need killing, what’s not to love? Earth Defense Force is that game, and this looks totally mental. And that is awesome!

If you can tell what’s going on in the trailer, other than the fact that there are giant pink ants, what looks like a bi-pedal frog, and all other bug-ish monstrosities, then good for you. Explosions, spaceships, hordes of pink, guns and jetpacks. What’s not to love?

Earth Defense Force 5 will be arriving on the PlayStation 4 in Japan next year, and the series has enjoyed a few releases here in Europe and the US in the past. I wonder if this one will get translated.

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