EA want to get down on Thursday instead of Friday in UK

ea logoIn what sounds like one of the oddest stories of the week, it’s still good news for gamers in the UK. EA wish to release their games going forward on a Thursday instead of making fans wait until Friday. European mainland gamers get theirs on a Thursday already, but now the UK (and hopefully Ireland) will get the same treatment.

“Until now, players in the UK have had to wait until Friday for new EA games to release, one day after the rest of Europe,” explained an EA spokesperson.

“We realised that players wanted to be able to get in the game the same time as their friends across Europe and we’re happy to make this change.”

This will take effect with the next big release from EA, meaning that Madden NFL 16 will now launch on August 27th, followed by FIFA 16 on September 24th, Need for Speed on November 5th and Star Wars Battlefront on November 19th. While one day seems like only a minor issue, we all know how excited we can get for new releases, and seeing your friends on PlayStation or Xbox playing a game 24 hours before you can even access it isn’t fun. Thanks EA for making that happen!

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[Source: Digital Spy]

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