EA tease Jabba the Hutt in Star Wars Battlefront

Jabba the Hutt star wars battlefrontA new trailer released by EA shows off what may be coming to Star Wars Battlefront soon. The trailer is short and talks about new maps, survival modes and ‘Hutt Contracts’, which may allow you to unlock new gear.

If I am to be presume, I imagine that these contracts will be in-game challenges, and that once you beat a certain number of them, when activated, you can unlock new weapons and star cards. Hopefully it goes a little deeper than that, but it’s certainly a decent add-on if it gives you more of an objective on the battlefield other than ‘win’.

Jabba the Hutt is a gangster and crime lord, which Han Solo had a run in with in the original trilogy of movies, but how EA and DICE will incorporate him into the game should be interesting. Would Rebels really be doing dealings with him for rewards? We should hopefully find out soon enough.

EA have already teased what players can expect in future updates for Star Wars Battlefront, including Season Pass content and free updates for all players. You can refresh your memory on that here. How many of our readers still devote time to the game?

[Source: Youtube]

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