EA tease Fighter Squadron mode for Star Wars Battlefront

star wars battlefront canonIn the run up to Gamescom, EA have already revealed a new Team Deathmatch mode for Star Wars Battlefront called Blast. In a community Q&A blog post last week on the Star Wars Battlefront blog, a tease made towards fans of ‘star fighters’ was made. Now, we see why.

EA and DICE have today revealed a 13 second trailer to show off what will be shown at Gamescom in Germany, and it is indeed competitive dog fighting between X-Wings, TIE Fighters and more. Will it be its own game mode like Battlefield’s Aerial Assault mode, or will it just be the aerial battles that take place during the large scale battles?

August 5th is the day you will need to tune in to watch and learn more, and we’re excited. This should be fun!

[Source: Youtube]

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