EA reveal top 50 players in FIFA 16

fifa top 50 playersThis week, EA have been teasing fans with the upcoming reveal of the best players in FIFA 16. While many of them speak for themselves, it’s a good indication of who to aim for in your FIFA Ultimate Team lineup when the game launches later this month.

All week, the countdown from number 50 to number one has been taking place, and we now have the full lot. We won’t list them all here, but we’ll at least share the top 10 with you. You can see the full listing here, if you’re excited by the reveal.

fifa lionel messiThe top ten best players on FIFA 16 in full:

  1. Messi – 94
  2. Ronaldo – 93
  3. Suarez – 90
  4. Neuer – 90
  5. Robben – 90
  6. Hazard – 89
  7. Ibrahimovic – 89
  8. Neymar – 88
  9. Thiago Silva – 88
  10. David Silva – 88

I know, shocking right? Lionel Messi is number 1!

FIFA 16 promises to innovate even further this year, perfecting the gameplay mechanics on the pitch, and also adding some much needed support and updates to the career mode. Managers will now be able to take their teams into pre-season tournaments and also train their players throughout their careers, making them even better in the areas they excel, or work on their weaknesses.

The FIFA 16 Demo launches from September 8th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles.

[Source: EA Sports]



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