EA and Respawn release first teaser for Titanfall 2

titanfall 2We knew it was coming, although nothing was entirely confirmed, until now. EA and Respawn Entertainment have released a short teaser trailer as an official announcement for Titanfall 2. We are promised a proper reveal on June 12th, during the week of E3.

The video contains a voice alongside scenes of a drop-pod as it’s approached by a titan wielding what looks like a form of energy-powered sword. The voice sounds familiar to me, almost like the IMC’s Vice Admiral Graves, although as far as I remember, he didn’t make it out of the last campaign mission in the game’s narrative. So who is this voice? A new protagonist or antagonist?  We will surely find out in a couple of months, but until then, this Titanfall 2 trailer will have to tie you over until then!

Titanfall 2 is due out later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Exact release dates are unconfirmed, but expect a full solo campaign unlike the original title, and a bigger multiplayer experience. Stand by for Titanfall!

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