EA remove Trump Effect video from Youtube and Twitter

trump effectVideo games and politics. They never sit well together, and with the recent Twitter and Youtube upload by Donald Trump, it involved video games yet again. What do you get when you cross Donald Trump with Mass Effect? Easy peasy, Trump Effect!

A video uploaded to social media took the launch trailer of Mass Effect 2, and was edited to included quotes and imagery of Donald Trump himself, all to the background music of Two Steps from Hell’s ‘Heart of Courage’.

The video has since been pulled from Youtube and Twitter by EA themselves, but you can still view it here. Until that’s removed eventually, probably. EA had the video taken down due to copyright infringement, stating¬†“The video was an unauthorized use of our IP,” an EA spokesperson told Game Informer. “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

The video wasn’t made officially however. A fan of Mass Effect made it as a parody a week ago, but it somehow got picked up and shared around by Trump to his 7.4 million followers. In reality, the notion of Donald Trump as The Illusive Man is scary. Then again, The Illusive Man was indoctrinated by the reapers, so is history already repeating itself?

[Update: Another Youtube user uploaded it again]

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