EA Games facing accusations of misleading marketing over last gen fifa 17

EA GamesOne of the most talked about features of this years FIFA 17 title from EA Games was the addition of a new story mode called “The journey”. This mode can be enjoyed by those playing on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but notably last gen consoles which also saw FIFA 17 release on their platforms didn’t have the new story mode leaving many angry and disappointed.

The issue of Computer games marketing has come to the fore front in recent months after titles like No Man’s Sky received widespread criticism from fans for its missing features and different appearance to pre-release footage not to mention the lead developer coming down with a bout of compulsive lying.

Now it’s FIFA 17 and EA Games’ turn to face the wrath of angry consumers and both are currently getting panned on Amazon by people angry that their last gen copies don’t include ‘The journey’. But is this a case of misleading marketing or  parents and gamers not doing their research?

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As it turns out it seems that the marketing has been updated following the criticism but the wonders of technology means that we can scrutinise the marketing that was used prior and after the game released. Well first of all it seems that screen shots from ‘The journey’ were used at the side of the Xbox 360 product page as well as images of Man UTD’s Manager (managers also don’t appear in the last gen versions of the game).


In addition to the images the description also referenced that the game was powered by Frostbite which it isn’t on the last gen consoles. In defence of EA Games ‘The journey’  doesn’t appear in the list of features that accompanied the Xbox 360 version product description.

FIFIFA 17 Xbox 360 description

Other criticisms that EA Games are facing is that FIFA 17 looks a lot like FIFA 16 but to be fair these are consoles that are over 10 years old and the last gen versions are running on the same engine as FIFA 16 so what did people expect?


It seems pretty obvious to me that EA Games were lazy about how they marketed the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of FIFA 17, cutting and pasting bits from the current gen versions but at the same time people do need to do more research on what they are buying, especially if you are buying something for a console that is essentially towards the end of its life.

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Marketing needs to be much more open and honest. Gamers are being burnt by these issues far too much and it’s an issue that been going on for far too long. Microsoft and Sony are just as guilty and at some point or another most of the big publishers have faced similar criticism. Isn’t it time the industry cleaned up its act and stopped taking gamers for granted?

Whilst we may keep up to date with gaming news it should be noted that the majority of gamers perhaps don’t so are more vulnerable but the weight of responsibility should be firstly with the publishers to ensure their Pre-release and Post-release marketing is accurate and honest.

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So what do we think, are EA Games guilty of misleading people or should consumers be doing more research before handing over their money? should people be grateful that the last gen consoles are still getting new games? we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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