EA financial call hints at when the big releases will come

ea logoYesterday, EA reported in with its financial earnings report, and discussed how figures and estimates lined up with their projections, as well as giving a rough estimate on when the likes of Titanfall 2, Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield 5 will launch. 

While only Mass Effect Andromeda has been revealed with trailers and teases, the likes of Titanfall 2 has only been announced, with no screenshots or teases, and the new Battlefield is an unknown, other than the rumoured title of ‘Armageddon‘. What we have learned is that a new Battlefield title will be available to players during the holidays this year. Mass Effect Andromeda is also scheduled for this year, fingers crossed. We should expect Titanfall 2 sometime between summer of this year and March 31, 2017. Considering we know nothing of Titanfall 2, I’d say a date closer to spring 2017 seems more likely. If it’s a multiplatform title, it would be best to avoid November, with some PlayStation fans considering it an Xbox exclusive title still.

Mass Effect Andromeda

“Looking ahead to FY2017, we will introduce breakthrough games from some of our biggest and most popular franchises. In Q1, we will begin with the creative and innovative Mirror’s Edge Catalyst from DICE launching in May. A great lineup of EA Sports titles are in development for next year and we look forward to sharing more about these new experiences in the months ahead.

An all new Battlefield game from DICE will arrive in time for the holidays. We are excited to have a new Titanfall experience coming from our friends at Respawn, and of course Mass Effect: Andromeda from the team at BioWare will launch later in the fiscal year. Players in our live services will continue to experience engaging new content, expansions, and updates and will have more new mobile titles as well.”

Sports titles continued to show financial benefit to EA, with FIFA Ultimate Team showing strong growth, up 8% year on year, or 18% year on year at constant currency. Madden Ultimate Team and Hockey Ultimate Team also grew.

[Source: Shareholder.com]

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