EA enforcing transparency in advertisement

eaHello everyone, I’ve got some interesting news for gamers and Youtubers alike. According to a recent statement by Electronic Arts, they are going to be enforcing transparency among all the Youtubers and general ”influencers” who advertise their games. This change is set to be made immediately, as EA wants to rectify this issue quickly.

This move for transparency actually entails a few specific details that should be beneficial to us consumers. The first and personally my favourite caveat to this new policy is that streamers, Youtubers and anyone who would be classified as “influencers” now have to acknowledge verbally if their game from EA was given to them for free or early. As well, they’ll have to have a watermark at the beginning of their video stating Advertisement. This # is also required on tweets or posts that “influencers” use in regards to games given to them by EA.Battlefield 1 chart

As for my own feelings on this, I’ll state that I am a little biased, as I’m not an “influencer” in any way, and actually fall into the consumer category. With me having stated that, I have to say that I love this policy. One thing that I’ve always hated is when a Youtuber praises a game so highly, says that it’s actually fun and worth playing, but didn’t have to drop $90 on it. At least with this policy, the consumer will know that the person hasn’t had to pay for the game, and you as the consumer can factor that in when considering the game. As for the “influencers” out there, I feel that this shouldn’t be an issue for them, as many respectable “influencers” do this already for the sake of being transparent to their viewers.

titanfall 2 singleWhilst it’s only Electronic Arts creating a standard for this at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if every company started to take this approach to advertising their games. Mainly due to the fact that the publisher usually takes the heat when someone buys a game they don’t like, even though it may have been an “influencer” who actually swayed the consumers decision.

To conclude, it seems advertisement, at least in the games industry, is going a much more transparent route. Something that I feel will actually benefit most parties involved, and along with Bethesda’s recent change in early game copies, should lead to an interesting new landscape for video game advertisements.

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