EA Community Manager hypes up Skate 4

skateEA’s Skate series has developed, how should we say, a very cult following on the internet. Releasing at a time when the Tony Hawk titles failed to live up to the high standards of the original three, and when skateboarding fans yearned for more. A fourth title has been in demand for some time, and a tweet is perhaps all it takes to set the hype train on its way.

EA’s Community Manager Daniel Lingen tweeted a simple ‘Skate4’ over the weekend, with no context whatsoever, other than the fact he works for EA. The game has not been confirmed, but could this be the beginning of a rollout of teases to get fans excited?

Skate 3 released as part of the EA Access Vault late last year, a game known for being buggy, but also immense fun when skating with friends. Last year, a petition started online asking EA to ‘make EA Skate again’ which received a lot of attention.

make ea skate again

It’s only January…well, you can say February as we’re that close to flipping over our calendars but E3 in June will be here before you know it. We may have to wait until then, we may not? Time will tell, but I’m certainly excited by a new generation of Skate!

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