EA and Xbox announced 1TB Xbox One Madden Bundle

Xbox One maddenFootball fans in the US and Canada, rejoice! EA and Xbox have unveiled the Madden 16 Xbox One bundle, which comes with a bigger hard drive, Madden 16, and an EA Access pass!

Yes, you can pick up the Xbox One Madden 16 bundle on August 18th before the game launches on the 25th in the United States and Canada, and it comes with a 1TB hard drive as well. Not only that, the game comes as a digital code, and you also get yourself a nice little 12 month subscription to EA Access, which is a phenomenal service.

With EA Access, you have free access to almost a dozen games including EA UFC, Need for Speed Rivals, Titanfall, FIFA 15, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare, and more. You can also play the latest EA titles days before they release, and can avail of 10% discounts on EA titles and downloadable content.

Madden NFL 16 brings back your favorite Madden NFL modes: Connected Franchise, Ultimate Team, and last year’s new mode, Skills Trainer. Plus, it introduces brand-new modes like Draft Champions, a Madden-style take on fantasy football. New and improved controls give you way more playmaking options on both ends of the play, whether you’re a quarterback or a wide receiver fighting for the ball in the air. And the new presentation modes make the whole thing look, feel, and sound like a prime-time broadcast. All in all, you’ve got a massive newMadden NFL experience to keep you busy for many, many hours,” says the Xbox Wire blurb.

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[Source: Xbox Wire]

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