EA Access gets new arcade classics in Vault

ea access throwback packA selection of Xbox LIVE Arcade games entered The Vault of EA Access this week, bringing the number of Vault titles up to a rather impressive two dozen plus games to play for just $5 a month or $25 a year.  Players can now explore the Throwback Pack, featuring six arcade titles from PopCap Games.

The games included are:

  • – Heavy Weapon
  • – Bejeweled 2
  • – Bejeweled 3
  • – Feeding Frenzy
  • – Feeding Frenzy 2
  • – Zuma

While some of them are probably worth avoiding, I remember enjoying the demo of Heavy Weapon on the 360 all those years ago. I didn’t realize it was Popcap back then. Feeding Frenzy is stupidly addictive, for how silly the game is, and Bejeweled 2 and 3 are those kinds of games that you just lose hours on without realising it. Great while you wait for your crew to come online for a gaming session.

On top of that, EA has announced too that Star Wars Battlefront, UFC 2 and Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will join the list of Vault games before the end of 2016.

EA also reminds people that as of October 13th, you can play Battlefield 1 for 10 hours ahead of the game’s release of October 21st. Try out the new War Stories campaign mode or hop right into multiplayer for some classic Battlefield action.

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