E3 2015 Predictions: Xbox

Xbox E3 PredictionsMyself and Kat have already shared our predictions for the Bethesda and Nintendo conferences at E3, and Microsoft is next on our list, with it taking place on Monday June 15th bright and early at 9:30AM PT.

Xbox are looking to have a big E3 planned, already teasing us with a possible announcement from Rare as well as saying there will be a much larger focus on first party titles at the event compared to previous years. They also have an awesome lineup of games coming later in the year with Quantum Break set to release in early 2016. Of course, they can only have more in store for us and I am expecting quite a few announcements from the company this year.

The usual suspects- Halo 5, Forza 6 and Fable Legends:

It is only natural that we will be seeing these games pop up in the briefing, with little to no surprises.

Halo 5: Guardians is guaranteed to be one of the biggest games of the year, and a big statement from Microsoft for the upcoming holiday season. We know it is going to be great single player wise, though many are unsure of the multiplayer component, the meat of the game for most, as it sees quite the change from the usual Halo formula that made the game the behemoth it is today. Because of that I expect they will announce another multiplayer beta around the August area to tighten up some loose bolts and ensure everything is right before launch, especially after the disaster of The Master Chief Collection’s multiplayer. Outside that we should see a trailer and/or some gameplay. I have a feeling that they may also announce an Xbox One bundle with Halo 5 though they may hold off on that for the time being. Whether or not the console and controller will be themed is another story.

Forza is a favorite among many racing fans for plenty of good reasons, but at this stage I highly doubt anybody will be shocked at what is to come. Should get a gameplay trailer and an official release date, but outside that there won’t be much more. Would love for them to announce a proper rally mode as that would definitely capture my interest in the series again (only because I’m not a fan of circuit racers), though it is unlikely.

Fable Legends is another one that shouldn’t have any surprises. We pretty much learned everything we need to know already in a conference earlier in the year in that it is a free-to-play 4 vs 1 asymmetrical adventure game, with rotating heroes similar to League of Legends. Despite it being free-to-play it could potentially be a big earner for Microsoft and we will likely get some gameplay showcasing some of those heroes along with a release date.

Rise of the Tomb Raider:

Left a bad taste in many gamers mouths following the announcement that the game would be a timed exclusive (NOT fully exclusive like some have been trying to say), but whatever the case it is a BIG game for Xbox lineup. With Halo 5 coming out around the same period, it should help the Xbox One see a big boost in sales this Christmas.

The Crystal Dynamic’s reboot of Tomb Raider was fantastic and Rise of the Tomb Raider is looking to be just as good. The game will also feature a lot more actual raiding of the tomb variety, which the reboot lacked for the longer series fans.

Microsoft will likely promote the hell out of it, so expect some gameplay as well as an official release date. I also expect there to be some interviews and looks at the game off the stage too, so look out for that.

Gears of War remaster and new Black Tusk game:

Gears of War is a powerhouse IP for the Xbox, and we know for sure Black Tusk are working hard on a new game in the series. I wouldn’t expect much from it just yet as I among many others want to see it done right, but I am thinking that they will have a teaser trailer and maybe a loose release date, like late 2016 or something. Again, it is no big deal if they do or don’t, but anything to tell us that development is going okey dokey would be appreciated and I think they will have something for us.

Outside that though, with all the rumors and leaks it is tough not to see a remaster of the previous games being announced at the show. Some of the rumors and leaks say that it is a remaster of the first game, while others say that it is like a “Marcus Fenix Collection” with all 3 games (judgement excluded). Hopefully it is the latter as with all the remasters already released and in the works it would definitely stand out from among them as being worth the price tag. That said, it is hard for me personally to complain about a remaster of the first game alone, because to me that was a big deal as well as what sold me on the 360 at the time. On the remaster I am thinking an official announcement trailer with a general release date.

Quantum Break and Alan Wake Remaster:

The ambitious title from the developers of Alan Wake is sure to have a part on the Xbox stage. While the release has been pushed back to early 2016, I am sure that was no more than for marketing reasons since their late 2015 is a bit hectic for the Xbox and they wanted to spread out releases. Because of that I’d say we should get a bit of a gameplay demo that might also go through some of the story.

Rumors came out that an Alan Wake re-release might also be in the works, and if so there was the possibility that it could come with Quantum Break pre-orders which is highly tempting. I am not sure if the pre-order thing is true, but I do think that they will be re-releasing the game for the Xbox One. They might not announce it at the conference, but instead opt to reveal it elsewhere at E3 or another event.


Announced last year, there has been very little since then to show outside a tech demo for the destruction. I think we are due an update. The original game was a lot of fun, and many would like a new game that captures what made the first so great.

There was some talk that the game would have a lot to do with showcasing the “power of the cloud”, but I am not sure if that is still the case. Hopefully we will find out more at E3.


You’re friends with a dragon… What’s more to say?

Scalebound is being developed by Platinum games, and if their track record is anything to say with games like Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it is one to look out for. We haven’t heard anything since its announcement, and because nobody has been saying anything I think it is going to make a comeback at E3, with maybe some gameplay.

We don’t know much about it, but what we do know is it’s a fantasy game where you fight massive (like seriously huge) monsters, with the help of your badass dragon pal.

Something Rare:

They have been teasing us for like forever, but we know for sure Rare have something in the works and I am positive that this is the E3 where they will announce it officially. What it is, who knows, but it is there!

New IP:

Outside a Rare game, Microsoft will have something else up their sleeve to announce at the conference. Again, I can’t tell you what it could be, but hopefully it is something cool…. With unicorns and explosions…

ID @ Xbox:

A quick montage video running down the indie games on the way to the console through the ID @ Xbox program is sure to happen, and I am actually looking forward to seeing it. Be sure to keep an eye on them as some great games can come out of it, like Ori and the Blind Forest.

Other shite:

As always with these conferences there will be some stuff that has to come up. I am expecting EA to pop up talking about EA Access, with Activision talking about some exclusive deal to do with COD. As well as that I think Microsoft might talk a little about Windows 10, but I don’t think they will go too heavy into it, only quickly discussing the benefits of it to Xbox and PC gamers and leaving it at that.

The Xbox is looking to have a big E3, and we are looking forward to what they have to show us.

Think I am wrong on anything? Let us know in the comments!

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