E3 2015 Predictions: Bethesda

Bethesda E3 PredictionsE3 is almost upon us, and it is about time we throw in our thoughts on what we expect to come out of the biggest event of the year for gamers and the industry.

We have a huge amount of conferences ahead of us, with Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony, Square Enix and Nintendo all with their own conferences. As well as that PC Gamer and AMD have joined forces for the PC Gaming show, which will be the first time the platform will be represented at the event.

With Bethesda being the first conference, it is only fair we start with our predictions to come out of their show. We will also be putting in our predictions for the other conferences over the next few days, so keep an eye out!

This will be the first time Bethesda will have their own conference at E3, taking place on Sunday June 14th at 7PM. The news came as a bit of a surprise to most, but in recent years Bethesda have become a powerhouse publisher as well as developer, so eventually it would have become their time to shine on the big stage, but what do they have in store for us?

Doom, BattleCry and Elder Scrolls Online:

Currently, these are the only games officially announced from Bethesda in the future and we can expect them to have some inclusion at the show.

Doom, developed by ID Software, is naturally highly anticipated carrying the name of one of gamings biggest IP’s. Originally, the game was announced in 2008 as Doom 4, but in 2011 that was scrapped and completely restarted as a reboot of the series. Not much has been seen of the game so far, but release is expected in 2015 and it has already been teased to show at E3 this year, so I really didn’t have to put much thought into including this. We will likely be seeing a fair amount of gameplay.

I expect the free-to-play multiplayer game BattleCry to have a showing at the event also, though I doubt to the extent of Doom. BattleCry was, funnily enough, announced exactly a year ago and it isn’t much of a stretch to assume that there will be some gameplay shown considering we haven’t really seen it since E3 last year. Have to promote the game somewhere, and where’s better than your own E3 conference?

I am unsure whether or not we will in fact see Elder Scrolls Online at the event, but since the game is releasing on consoles the week beforehand nobody can really complain about some additional promotion. I am thinking maybe an expansion announcement might crop up.

Fallout 4:

Gamings worst kept secret has been rumored for years, but a few weeks ago it was unofficially confirmed after a freelance artist of Guillermo Del Toro owned Mirada Studios let slip on his LinkedIn CV that the studio was working on a Fallout 4 trailer. Woops.

Not like it was much of a shock though. Bethesda have been playing off rumors for ages but we all saw it coming. Bethesda’s press conference in a way was an unofficial confirmation as what what else could they show that would completely warrant their own show at E3? Yes, Elder Scrolls 6 could have been one, but with Elder Scrolls Online it is doubtful they would want to saturate their own market, plus the main Elder Scrolls team are alternating between that and main series Fallout so that is another reason. If you are wondering why it took them so long, they likely spent the first 2 years creating the engine for the game, to make it prettyful and all that jazz.

Still, try to act surprised when it does get its official announcement. Not like it wouldn’t be any less of an occasion. A 2016 release date is likely, and I am betting we will also be seeing some gameplay as well as a trailer.

Fallout New Vegas
“Smashing” – Nigel Thornberry

They better announce it now or I (and many others) will look like an idiot.

New IP’s:

While Fallout 4 would be a big enough announcement to warrant the conference, as I already said Bethesda are no small fry anymore and have a lot of resources and bank at their disposal. While it is damn near impossible to guess what they have in the works without a leak or some inside information, at least one new IP is something I would expect from a Publisher/Developers going toe to toe with the big boys, who often announce several new games at E3.

What it could be, your guess is as good as mine!

Dishonored 2:

Dishonored was one of the best, most exciting new IP’s to come out of last gen, and I am positive Arcane Studios are working on a sequel, though I am unsure if it will in fact be announced at this years E3 as I don’t think it will be ready just yet. Still, there is the possibility that it might get officially announced, but recent rumors seem to be on my side.

Arcane built an amazing world and we got a tiny taste of that in the first game. I think there was a lot more that could have been done to show that in the original and I saw a lot of room for improvement in other areas, but it doesn’t change the fact that Dishonored was something special in many ways and Arcane would be doing a disservice to themselves and fans by not expanding further in that universe.

Again, whether or not this will in fact be announced at E3 I am unsure. We might get a teaser trailer, but I highly doubt it will be anything more than that.

What you wont see – Rage 2:

Some people have been expecting an announcement on the Mad Max-esque Rage 2 at the show. While I wouldn’t mind seeing a new one also as there is a lot of potential for the series, development on the game is at a standstill as Zenimax canned it in 2013 to speed up development on Doom 4 which is also developed by ID.

Once Doom releases it is very likely that development on Rage 2 will start up again. John Carmack pretty much confirmed that saying to IGN, “We’re going to migrate more of the RAGE 2 team people [to Doom 4], and then we’re going to roll onto RAGE 2.” Tim Willits also said in 2013 that Rage 2 is “not dead”, but they were “not doing anything immediately with it” and that the game was “designed in such a way that it would be easy to step back into.”

So yeah, don’t expect anything anytime soon on that, but there is hope for future E3’s. Hopefully this one will release in a condition that actually works on PC rather than having to wait 3 months, and not have super OP boomerangs.


Bethesda definitely have a big show on their hands, and start off an exciting E3 2015, but maybe my predictions won’t come to pass? Is there anything you think they might announce? Let us know in the comments!

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