Dying Light water joke got more interesting

dying light water posterYesterday, following Activision and Red Bull’s surprising announcement about Destiny and Red Bull teaming up to offer in-game content, Dying Light developer Techland created their own hilarious mimicking response, one which involved water. This has gone a stop further today.

The initial dig took place on Twitter, as seen below, where Techland said “We’re jumping on the latest trend in game marketing”, advertising water as the best drink for hydration during gaming. It was brilliant, and rather true, too!

Taking a picture of yourself and tweeting it with DrinkforDLC, and earn yourself a code for in-game DLC on the developer’s hit of this year, Dying Light. Now, Techland have added stretch goals, to further incentivize fans, offering four separate pieces of DLC, as well as a 50% XP boost. You can enter your code at docket.dyinglightgame.com to receive your free DLC, and the more retweets, the better.

I can’t help but find this whole situation hilarious, and I have to credit Techland for being so quick to come up with this amazing incentive. A bit of humour can go a long way, and it will help put Dying Light further on the map for 2015. Well done, Techland!

dlying light water

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