Driveclub update 1.21 now available, adds more and more content

driveclub renaultA new update for Driveclub has gone live, which adds a Renault R.S. 01, new Sprint mode, new Elite Driver Levels and lots more to your game. Check out the full details below.

The full listing was posted on the Driveclub Facebook page, where the developers share all of their patch notes.

» New Supercar awarded for reaching Driver Level 66: The Renault R.S. 01
» 12 new ‘SPRINT’ variations of DRIVECLUB tracks for Time Trial & Challenges: Cayoosh Point, Putre, Munnar, Goshodaira, Holmastad & The Kyle (including unique Sprints for the standard and reverse track versions).
» 10 more ELITE Driver Levels from 66 to 75. All levels have a new reward.
» The Rimac Automobili Concept_One and VUHL 05 are better! We’ve modified the vehicle performance and handling for these 2 cars based on further collaboration with manufacturers and community feedback.
» Adds support for the Thrustmaster TH8PA manual gear shifter (including sequential shifting and clutch support).
» Car statistics are now detailed on the vehicle select screen: Drivetrain, Engine Position, Kerb Weight and more.
» New default order of cars in the garage/vehicle select.
» Rebalanced the frequency of wet weather and night time events in Random Event.
» Added Club leaderboards to all Tour events in addition to the standard solo leaderboards.
» New option when sending a challenge to filter your Friends list to show DRIVECLUB players.
» Stunning new PS4share photo added to the loading screen (Credit:// //
» Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

Update 1.21 Add-ons (available for download from PlayStation®Store on August 25 worldwide):
» Support for the Ferrari 488 GTB (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free download).

Download & installation:
» The update will happen automatically when you fire up the game (or you can “Check for Updates” on PS4).
» The update size is 0.5GB which brings the total size of all updates combined so far to 11.3GB.

Looking ahead to future updates (coming after 1.21):
» Development of Private multiplayer lobbies is well underway! When it’s added you’ll be able to modify the rules and settings for private multiplayer events with friends.
» New tracks are in the works, plus we’re going to add many more SPRINT mode tracks for you to play in Time Trial & Challenges!
» DRIVECLUB app: The game and servers have changed significantly since we first brought out the MYDRIVECLUB app last year, so we’re currently building a new app and will share more info when we can.

[Source: Driveclub on Facebook]

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