DriveClub receiving free sprint races each week until Christmas

driveclub laferrariEvolution Studios are bringing you new Sprint mode tracks for free every week until Christmas on DriveClub. Take on your friends each week, and be number one on the leaderboard. Whoever wins the most races, earns themselves a free game. We added that bit in ourselves. Come on guys, set a challenge for yourselves!

Bandipur in India and Los Pelambres in Chile arrived today, and you can jump online now to take on the challenge for yourself. The video below shows off some of the action from Bandipur Reverse (India) @ 09:00 Cloudy & Dry, Los Pelambres Reverse (Chile) @ 07:00 Sunny & Heavy Rain, Los Pelambres (Chile) @ 16:30 Sunny & Dry, Bandipur (India) @ 16:30 Sunny & Dynamic Rain.

Evolution Studios have been fantastic with their waves of free and premium content add-ons for DriveClub, and this latest free update is another way to extend the longevity of the game. Last week, with the reveal of October’s free PlayStation Plus titles, it was announced that DriveClub PS+ Edition would be removed from the PlayStation Store. The free version was delayed from its October release date last year until June of this year, and already Sony are taking it down.

“‘Driveclub’ PlayStation Plus Edition will no longer be available as a free download for Plus members starting on October 6th, 2015. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, be sure to go to PlayStation Store now before October 6th!”

[Source: Youtube]

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